Stefania and Anna

Cooking is a passion that joins fun,
expression of one's living culture, colors
and flavors, sharingone’s own experiences with other people.

Cooking Classes in Cortona

Enthusiasm and love for sarin are main ingredients of Toscana e Gusto Cuisine

Pizza & Co.

Pizza, the emblem Italian excellent cuisine.
Learn how to knead, combine topping and bake the perfect pizza!

Our Desserts

Tiramisù or a Caprese chocolate cake are the
ideal ending of a typical Italian meal.
Let’s prepair it together!

Groups Cooking Courses

Cooking courses for small groups or individuals
to bring along with you back home at the end of
your holiday flavors and scents of the Tuscan Cuisine.

In House Chef

A customized service for lunch and dinners
with typical Tuscan dishes directly in your holiday home.

Grand Final…

All the cookeries are followed by meal ,
lunch or dinner, to taste and enjoy
the dishes we have prepared.

Conviviality at the table and pleasure in receiving are a natural
predisposition to happiness, innate to man

Gioacchino Rossini
Cooking Classes in Cortona | Toscana e Gusto: Chef at Home Services and Picnics in Tuscany

Cooking Classes in Cortona – Toscana e Gusto

Enthusiasm and joy of sharing are the basic ingredients of the cooking school, tours, chef-at-home and picnics offered by Toscana e Gusto.

Toscana e Gusto was conceived in 2010 and is dedicated to all those who, while spending a holiday in Tuscany or Umbria, wish to learn Tuscan and Italian cooking in an easy, informal manner and maybe acquire, along the way, knowledge about the history and traditions that lie behind our traditional dishes. In this background of natural beauty and historical artistic heritage, everything revolves around the kitchen and a little food.

We are in love with our land and invite you to thoroughly explore it directly with the opportunity to touch, smell and taste the products offered by our region. Toscana e Gusto offer you an unforgettable and comprehensive experience rather than just a cooking class or a hike.